Five Ways to Foster a Positive Workplace Culture

We spend many of our waking hours at our jobs. So, naturally, our work environment can have a tremendous impact on how we feel about our employer, our colleagues, and our career potential. As in other industries, companies in the hospitality sector must strive to build a positive workplace culture. It’s essential not only for attracting and retaining top talent but also for establishing an optimal atmosphere for clientele. Happy, fulfilled staff members project their satisfaction in their work and interactions with guests. 

Consider the following tips for facilitating a positive and healthy work environment.

1. Encourage Two-Way Communication

Spa and salon managers must keep their teams engaged. Encouraging open and honest communication is essential to achieving that. Ask your staff members questions to find out what’s going well for them and what challenges they’re facing. Then identify ways you can help them — and follow through. Prove to your team that you care and value their thoughts and opinions by doing what you say you’ll do.

2. Get Organized

Ensure everyone has the education and supplies they need to do their jobs well. Pay attention to product inventory levels and order far enough in advance to avoid running out. Also, arrange for online or in-person training sessions to ensure staff members have the information and understanding they need when using new products or providing new services.

3. Create an Atmosphere of Fun

Yes, running a business successfully requires high standards and careful attention to detail, but that doesn’t mean the workplace must feel like boot camp. Allow your staff opportunities to take mental and physical breaks that infuse fun and relaxation into their workday. Consider team-building social activities, too, like potluck lunches.

4. Watch for Bad Apples in the Bunch

Sadly, occasionally a team member poisons a positive company culture, bringing negativity and causing drama. It’s important to address situations when an individual detracts from the collaborative and caring culture you’ve created.

5. Set Clear Goals

Ask your team members about their aspirations and determine what stands in the way of them achieving them. Then work with them to set goals to get them closer to what they ultimately want to accomplish. By helping team members improve their skills and knowledge, you will strengthen the foundation of your company in the process.

Also, set individual, departmental, or company-wide goals. Consider creating an incentive program that rewards the team for reaching critical milestones en route to meeting your bigger objectives. That will help promote team camaraderie and facilitate a shared sense of accomplishment.

Don’t Let a Toxic Work Environment Poison Your Success

Creating and maintaining a positive work atmosphere isn’t always easy, but it’s always worthwhile. How your staff feels about — and in — your workplace can ultimately impact the guest experience you deliver. Don’t leave your company culture to chance!

Your turn! What tips do you have for keeping your team engaged and happy?