You’ll discover that our team has extensive experience and an in-depth understanding of what it takes to elevate brands in the hospitality industry. 

As a certified B Corporation and cGMP certified spa product manufacturer, we have the knowledge, resources, and limitless creativity to custom-formulate spa and amenity products EXCLUSIVELY for your brand. Whether you need 10 or 10,000 units, you gain the advantages of working directly with a manufacturer who has unparalleled quality standards and formulation expertise. 

Also, we have developed strong relationships with hospitality product vendors to ensure you get the best pricing and ordering flexibility possible. When you work with us, you’ll enjoy a no-hassle order and fulfillment process — and lower minimum order requirements than most suppliers offer.

Heather J Kreider | Makes Scents Hospitality

Heather Kreider, RN, LE

Heather has over 19 years of experience, specializing in European skincare as an esthetician, in the spa industry. Her educational background includes a post-graduate certification in Advanced Skincare at the International Dermal Institute. She’s also an RN (rehabilitation and orthopedic trauma) with a National Personal Trainers Certification. With an intense passion for health and wellness, Heather channels her energy toward creating exceptional products, using only the best-quality, all-natural ingredients.

Nathan Kreider | Makes Scents Hospitality

Nathan Kreider

Nathan has worked in the spa industry for over 17 years as a massage therapist trained in Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, lomilomi, and reflexology massage modalities. He’s an expert in numerous body therapies such as scrubs and wraps. Also, as a certified Reiki Level II practitioner, Nathan has well-rounded experience in knowing what makes a memorable experience for guests.

Frankie Kirchgessner | Warehouse Manager

Frankie Kirchgessner
Operations Manager

Frankie makes our warehouse a place you want to be. On a good day, you’ll catch him working/grooving along to his guilty pleasure: the Backstreet Boys.

His other indulgences include pina coladas — and, of course, getting caught in the rain. He’s also game to join you for a sandwich, especially if its origins are Pennsylvanian. Hoagie, anyone?

Frankie prefers to unwind by watching the news, or enjoying the riffs of his favorite keyboardist, Rick Wakeman.

He is a perfectly decent bowler.

Laura Rose Phillips | Production Manager

Laura Rose Phillips
Production Manager

Our fearless Production Manager, Laura, has an affinity for adventure. In fact, she has hitchhiked across 48 states with her dachshund, Lupe! Laura loves the great outdoors—collecting plants, camping, swimming, and doing most anything else outside. She enjoys traveling and especially discovering new beers at the local breweries she visits while road-tripping.

With a knack for artistry, Laura’s talents include painting, hand-stitching, and weaving. In her downtime, you might find her binge-watching addictive TV shows and listening to cheesy 80s music.

Elizabeth Habecker | Executive Assistant

Elizabeth Habecker
Executive Assistant | CUSTOMER SUPPORT

Elizabeth, our Executive Assistant and Customer Support, is our go-to-girl for just about everything.

In her spare time, you’ll likely find this voracious reader with her nose in a book. Elizabeth also enjoys spending quality time with her husband, Chad, and daughter, Renee, knitting and playing the piano. While any kind of pasta dinner scores points with her, mac and cheese (the real deal, not the boxed stuff) is the way to her heart. Oh, we should warn you that she’s “the jump rope queen.” Care to challenge her? We wouldn’t recommend it! Elizabeth aspires to one day live in a quiet and quaint small town.

Neal Cavanaugh | Makes Scents Hospitality

Neal Cavanaugh
Sales Executive

Neal is not one you’re likely to find sitting in place. He loves being outside with his two kids, especially hitting the trails and splashing in a nearby creek.

If he’s stuck inside, he’s doing mat pilates…or finally relaxing with some bourbon barrel tequila.

He love to travel, just ask his palate — among his favorite cuisines are Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Italian, and comfort food.

Neal has had two near-death experiences that he should not have walked away from, yet here he is — watching BBC crime dramas, detailing cars, and loving life.


Darrian is a creator at work and at play. When his day helping us make the products you love is done, you’re likely to find him creating art (painting is his go-to medium) and origami.

When it’s time to replenish, he prefers to fill up on tacos and Skittles.

If you’re in the mood for a good conversation, you’ll find a willing partner in Darrian — we suggest asking him about the book he’s writing.





Elysha Pierre | Custom Project Coordinator

Elysha Pierre
Sales Executive

Elysha lives by the golden rules of positivity and acceptance, bad vibes not welcome here.

Elysha joined the team as a Custom Project Coordinator, but this isn’t her first gig with Hempfield – she has supported the wellness community by modeling products designed to help you feel and perform your best over the years.

She lives each day to fullest, experiencing all the beauty and opportunities the world has to offer. Friends and family play a vital role in her day-to-day since we only have one life, so live it up!

Megan Bernhardt
Production Assistant

Bio coming soon.

Dionna Schultz
Production Assistant

Bio coming soon!

becky mueller
Customer Service

Left to her own devices, Becky enjoys spending her time peacefully: reading, watching fixer-upper shows, taking long walks, and being with her family — especially her gorgeous granddaughter.

She’s always ready to join you for some seafood or Chinese food; but if she’s the chef, she’s cooking up the best mac & cheese you’ve ever tasted.
For a great story, ask her about the time she met the real Maria von Trapp, who inspired the musical The Sound of Music.



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Sharon Shank
Production Assistant

Bio and photo coming soon!