Three T’s to Help You Choose CBD Products for Your Spa

Spa managers have countless cannabidiol (CBD) products to choose from. Sadly, not all CBD brands commit themselves to the highest standards, and the FDA and other government agencies don’t regulate CBD product manufacturers very closely.

So, how can you tell whether a product offers the level of quality, purity, effectiveness, and safety you want to deliver to your guests? 

One way to get peace of mind is to put the brand and its products to what I like to call “the three T’s test” — transparency, traceability, and testing.

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 1. Transparency

Does the packaging clearly and prominently display the ingredients and the exact amount of CBD in the product? If not, that’s a red flag! The FDA conducted some exploratory testing and discovered many brands’ products don’t contain as much CBD as their labels claim. And some manufacturers fail to list the other ingredients in their products.

Also, beware if a brand makes a bold claim about their product’s health benefits— such as “reverses age-related cognitive decline” or “treats cancer” — without any supporting scientific evidence. 

Fortunately, the FTC has cracked down on deceptive claims, but it’s not uncommon to still find some brands that mislead consumers with deceptive marketing tactics. 

2. Traceability

Companies dedicated to optimal quality can trace their products from seed to shelf — and they should disclose where and how their hemp is grown and processed. Knowing the origin of a product’s CBD and whether growers and producers adhere to strict safety and purity standards is important. 

Traceability also encompasses obtaining government-issued licenses and certifications to verify credibility and accountability. Look for brands that take the time and effort to achieve not only required licensing but also voluntary industry-related certifications to improve and validate their quality control measures.

For example, our sister company, Hempfield Botanicals, meets the same standards as drug manufacturers.

The company has also achieved cruelty-free certification through the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ Leaping Bunny Program

3. Testing

Do the company’s CBD products undergo not only testing in-house but also by an unbiased third-party independent lab to assess their potency, purity, and safety? Third-party testing is essential because regulatory oversight of cannabidiol products is relatively minimal. Essentially, it’s up to the manufacturer to decide the degree of testing it wants its products to undergo and what it wants to disclose about the results. 

Recently, the FDA issued a statement that it will work with Congress to create new strategies for regulating CBD and other cannabis-derived products to protect the public. While that’s positive news, spa managers remain responsible for performing due diligence when choosing CBD products for their treatments. Tip: Look for a batch or lot number on the CBD products you intend to buy and review the lab reports for those specific batches.

Three T’s to Help You Choose CBD Products for Your Spa

Final Thoughts

Before you order CBD products to use at your spa, do some research about the manufacturer. 

  • Have they been cited for unsubstantiated claims?
  • Do they clearly label their products’ ingredients?
  • Do they specify the milligrams of CBD in their products?
  • Do they produce their products in a CGMP-certified manufacturing facility?
  • From where do they source their cannabidiol?
  • Do their products undergo testing by an independent laboratory?
  • Do they make their testing results readily available?

Rest assured, there are manufacturers out there who care about your guests’ satisfaction and safety as much as you do. But it’s not easy to identify them if you don’t know what to look for. I hope these tips will help! 

Looking for CBD products with verified quality, purity, and safety? Visit our website or reach out to learn more about Hempfield Botanicals CBD products!