2XL Advantage Sanitizing Wipes Refill | 900 Count

Cleaning Level: Sanitizing 

Advantage Sanitizing Wipes are high-quality, textured sanitizing wipes that are FDA approved to remove 99.9% of common germs on hands and skin. These hand sanitizing wipes can be used in any facility to protect people from spreading germs that can cause illness. This large format roll was specifically designed for use in high-traffic environments where protection matters most.

  • COUNT: 900 (per refill)
  • CASE PACK SIZE: 4 refills
  • WIPE SIZE: 8″x6″
  • FDA approved (#3010443123) to remove 99.9% of common germs in 30 seconds
  • Textured cleaning and sanitizing wipe designed to
    prevent sickness
  • Economical wipe made of durable materials
  • No alcohol, bleach, ammonia, phenol, or hydrogen peroxide
  • Contains an effective, non-toxic, quaternary formula that is safe for skin
  • 900 Count

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