7 Steps for Launching Seasonal Body Treatments

Offering seasonal body treatments can help attract guests and elevate revenue year-round. With their appeal to people looking for something fresh and new, seasonally inspired services and products help distinguish your brand from your competition.   

Make no mistake, introducing seasonal treatments requires some thought and effort on your part: 

  • Brainstorming and planning
  • Testing and fine-tuning product combinations 
  • Establishing treatment protocols for consistent delivery and results
  • Educating your staff
  • Marketing your newly developed spa treatments 

Consider the tips below to make the process more fluid every time you bring new seasonal treatments into the mix. 

Tips for Successfully Introducing Seasonal Body Products Into Your Spa Menu

7 Steps for Launching Seasonal Body Treatments | Makes Scents Hospitality

1. Start Planning in Advance 

Give yourself plenty of time for all aspects of launching your seasonal offerings. At a minimum, aim to start the planning process at least three to six months ahead of when you wish to introduce new services. You may need even more time if you must take your ideas to upper management or owners for approval. 

Having a plan and scheduling seasonal product purchases ahead of time will eliminate stress and ensure you’ll have the products you need in time for your treatment rollouts. We work with some spas that plan their entire upcoming year before the end of the current year. That’s immensely helpful because we can ensure we have the products they will need when they need them as each season approaches. 

2. Ease Into It 

Don’t create an operational nightmare; avoid adding too many new seasonal services simultaneously. Gauge what your team can handle. Also, consider starting with quarterly seasonal specials rather than jumping in with new treatments or seasonal add-on services every month. That will enable you to freshen up your spa menu incrementally, giving you a chance to evaluate the impact and perfect your processes before heading into the next season.  

7 Steps for Launching Seasonal Body Treatments | Makes Scents Hospitality

3. Select Product Combinations Carefully 

Consider how well different products will work together as you brainstorm your unique spa treatments and add-ons for the season. Many manufacturers provide protocols for using their products individually or in combination with other products.  

4. Involve Your Employees and Vendors

Your spa technicians, receptionist, and others on your team surely have many worthwhile ideas waiting to be heard! Engage them in your brainstorming efforts so that you don’t miss out on their valuable input.  

Also, ask your suppliers’ sales representatives for suggestions. Perhaps they can share ideas based on what they’ve seen work well for other clients.

5. Do a Test Run

Before ordering large quantities of products from suppliers or manufacturers, request samples to try them before you buy. This is especially important when offering multi-service treatments (for example, immersions consisting of scrub, wrap, and body butter). You’ll want to ensure that the products chosen for a seasonal treatment will complement each other as beautifully as you imagined.

7 Steps for Launching Seasonal Body Treatments | Makes Scents Hospitality

6. Train Your Staff

Dedicate time to educating your staff about upcoming seasonal treatments. Use vendor-supplied documentation, online training resources, and hands-on instruction to empower your spa technicians with all the details they’ll need to use the products properly for an outstanding client experience. 

Also, provide information to other guest-facing staff members so that they are aware of the new treatments and can actively suggest them to clients.   

7. Spread the Word: Promote Your Seasonal Offerings

The work doesn’t end after choosing seasonal treatments and training staff. You must market them effectively to raise awareness and capture guests’ interest. Enlist your team’s creativity to craft catchy names and taglines that will grab attention. 

Then, get the word out about it online, on signage at your property, and in print collateral. Whether you’re fortunate and have an in-house marketing team or you use outsourced marketing resources to develop creative assets (content, graphics, etc.), planning is critical for successful execution and return on your investment. 

Marketing Channel Considerations

  • Social media – Besides regular posts, consider paying to promote your posts or run social media ads so that more people will see your content. Social media platforms’ algorithms minimize reach, so ads and promoted posts will ensure a larger audience learns about your seasonal treatments.  
  • Website – Highlighting your seasonal treatments on your main page (e.g., in a slider) will put them front and center when people visit your site. Also, consider adding a dedicated section to your site that features your seasonal specials. 
  • On-site promotion – Prominently display signage in your lobby, treatment rooms, and other public areas of your spa. Point-of-sale advertising can inspire guests to add on seasonal services during their visit and buy retail-sized seasonal products as they leave.
  • Direct mail –  A promotional postcard in the mail can help your brand stand out and reinforce your online messaging.
  • Email marketing – Leverage email marketing to inform your loyal clients about new seasonal services. Emails are a cost-effective way to announce your offerings. Moreover, they make it quick and easy for recipients to share your message with their family and friends.

Innovation Is Always in Season!

Ready to attract new guests and give loyal clientele something to look forward to in spring, summer, fall, and winter? Talk with us about seasonal spa treatments to augment your menu and bolster your bottom line!

P.S. Stay tuned for our next blog post, featuring a season-by-season guide to choosing seasonal treatments ideal for your property.